Creating a Workshop for Upgrading Aircraft

In Tail Drift you will be able to customise your aircraft – and you can do this in the Hangar.


The hangar is your go-to place for managing your aircraft. It has a few different uses. The first function is to check out the planes, we’ve going to have lots of those. Second, it lets you upgrade those planes. Some events will have a level requirement to enter, so you’ll need to make sure your plane is tuned for the next race. You will earn coins by competing in races, and you’ll then be able to spend that hard-won cash on making your plane more awesome.

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Designing a Racing League

We love player progression – it’s important that we make the racing fun, but then we also want you to have a good reason to want to race, then race again. We could just have a series of loosely connected events for the player to work through, but we decided we wanted something with a little more meat.

Sometimes something as simple as “Level Select” can be pretty important. There have been a number of games that have lost my attention simply because the level selection wasn’t presented in an interesting way – maybe it was too gamey. Instead of an overworld map, the game just may just give me a grid of levels, firmly reminding me that “Yes, James. You are playing a game right now. You’re not a super-sweet ranger about to save the disgustingly quaint village of Smilesville from the fel-orc-goblin-ites.”

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Hello, Attract Mode

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Attract Mode Games developer blog.

We’re a small studio working out of Brisbane, Australia. We’re a team of three, and we’re working to bring the arcade flight racing game Tail Drift to iOS and Android devices.

Our team is made up of:

  • Cameron Owen: An experienced game developer and designer, and creator of the first version of Tail Drift. He does the stuff that makes the game fun.
  • Elliot Lewis: A talented artist having worked on the upcoming action RPG, Hand of Fate. He’s making everything look fancy.
  • James Bowling (me): Another experienced game developer. He does stuff other stuff too – like social network integration, and UI.

Tail Drift won Unity’s “Flash in a Flash” competition back in 2012, and is an arcade racing game where the player flies along a tubular track. It a variety of features beautiful and fantastic environments to race around, over a series of different racing leagues.

We’ll be posting updates here regularly, so check back later if you want to keep up to date with our progress. We want to connect with our fans, know what they love, what they hate, and what they want. Connect with us on Facebook at or on twitter at @attract_mode.

We have prototype you can play right now. You’ll need the Unity3D browser plugin to play it. You can play the game here.

It should be a fun ride!